Creative Services

TPRA employs experienced, IN-HOUSE creative talent and supports that talent with the latest technological tools available to produce highly effective and affordable content development, copywriting, study/campaign branding, site kit materials as well as TV, Radio and Print advertisements. Employing an IN-HOUSE production facility allows TPRA to maintain the greatest production value within the short timelines common to the clinical trial industry. TPRA understands the importance of achieving the right mix between creativity, discerning and communicating key study criteria and maintaining cost efficiency.
Study/Campaign Branding

Study/Campaign branding leads to increased study recognition and credibility. The branding can easily be extended to study-specific websites and advertisements like postcards, flyers, posters, brochures and other marketing and advertising materials.

Content Development & Site Kit Materials

Our site kits assist in conveying important information to patients, such as inclusion/exclusion criteria and appointment date reminders. We understand that detailed attention to public facing content such as study branding, site kits and study-specific websites can make a huge impact on both those being recruited and on those doing the recruiting.

Video Production (TV & Online)

What makes TPRA stand out over its competitors is the 20+ years of experience in writing and producing medical related commercial advertisements (TV, radio and print) and video production for the web. Moreover, TPRA's copywriters, producers and developers understand medical advertising and how to target the proper demographic for your research study. With over 3,000 commercial advertisements and videos produced, TPRA fully understands just how to give you the best commercial representation possible.

Traditional Media Placement

Our in-house media placement team carefully plans all media purchases, taking into consideration budgets, anticipated response rates, enrollment deadlines, risk factors and the anticipated ability to handle responses. Before developing and executing the placement strategy, we research the demographic profile of the indication and perform market research in each local market to choose the medium, format, publication and programs that will yield the greatest call response for the least cost.

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Online Advertising (Search Engine & Social Media)

Used in conjunction with study-specific websites, our precise online marketing techniques are designed to generate additional traffic to websites from interested and potential qualified participants. This capability can be tailored to target specific geographical areas as well as a global reach. Online marketing campaigns can be quickly turned on and off and easily adjusted so that costs are managed effectively.

Website Design & Development

TPRA's production services also include designing and hosting full-featured, study-specific websites. These websites include Flash Video and either pre-screening or full screening questionnaires that offer multiple methods for the website visitor who passes the questionnaire to make contact with the study clinic.