The Patient Recruiting AgencyTM is a full-service global patient recruiting and retention company supporting Investigators, Site Networks, CROs, and Sponsors. Since 1999, TPRA has been one of the preeminent leaders in providing Patient Recruiting and Retention Services to the clinical trial industry.

Over the past 25 YEARS, TPRA has completed thousands of recruiting and retention campaigns enrolling over 10,000 patients for more than 150 different healthy, disease-specific, rare, and hard-to-reach indications seeking males and female patients of all ages and races in multiple languages and countries. This includes, but is not limited to, small demographic groups such as racially and ethnically diverse populations, infants and children, adolescents and teens, adults, and elderly patient populations.

There are many unique characteristics that differentiate TPRA from its competitors. To start, TPRA has an extremely long history of working directly with and supporting Investigative Sites with recruiting and retention services.

Next, TPRA’s extensive tenured experience in using media campaigns to drive enrollment is combined with a deep intimate knowledge and capability to produce and place not only online media but also traditional media (TV, Radio, and Print). This alone helps differentiate TPRA from all other recruiting and retention companies in the clinical research industry.

Additionally, there is no other company that provides TPRA’s level of technology solutions, which produce real-time metrics from campaigns in which the Sites are responsible for response handling, while at the same time increasing each Site’s ability to handle more responses.

Lastly, the most substantial attributes that differentiate TPRA from its competitors are our almost 25 years of experience, our flexibility to maneuver and execute under tight timelines, our ability to implement modifications or changes quickly, and TPRA’s scalability to easily adapt service variations to best suit any type of situation, no matter the size of program, whether that’s supporting a single Site’s recruiting effort, or supporting a multi-Site/multi-country/multi-language program.

Therapeutic area experience
Analgesia / Anti-inflammatory
Auto-Immune Hematology
Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Dental / Oral Health
Endocrinology / Metabolism
Healthy Volunteers
Immunology / Infectious Disease
Musculoskeletal / Bones and Joints
Neuroscience / Neurology Nutrition / Weight Loss
Pain Management
Psychiatric / Psychology
Pulmonary / Respiratory
Rare Disease
Women's Health