Real-time Online Tracking, Managing, and Reporting System.

RADIUS365™ is a comprehensive set of centralized communication, support and management tools gathered into one technological platform, encompassing all of the tools needed to maximize patient recruiting and retention throughout a study. With RADIUS365™, all call and web responses are tracked and reported in real-time by market, by medium, by site, by date and by time of day. Investigator activities are recorded as they use RADIUS365™ to access and manage all response and referrals electronically.

The benefits that flow from this convergence are tremendous and include supportive and more productive Investigators, greater accountability of everyone involved in the study (including TPRA), more effective advertising outreach, less waste and a higher rate of timely study completions.

RADIUS365™ Overview
RADIUS365™ is the clinical research industry's most powerful and comprehensive online platform of services and technologies for tracking and managing all recruiting and retention/enrollment efforts from the first telephone call attempt to the last clinic visit.

RADIUS365™ online platform features:
  • Real-time telephone and website response tracking and reporting
  • Centralized call routing and phone filtration attendants
  • Study-specific voicemail back-up system
  • Investigator contact management and patient screening visit scheduling
  • System for Investigators to manage and track all their response, referral and retention/enrollment activities