TPRA is the performance, price, technology and metrics leader in the industry and has proven that its unique model generates a greater call response from a higher percentage of qualified patients, resulting in a lower cost per patient enrolled. TPRA's unique, data-driven campaign solutions include IN-HOUSE media (TV, Radio and Print) production and placement by experienced production and media teams. TPRA also offers IN-HOUSE production of full-featured study-specific websites, call center services, study-branding, site support kits and online marketing.

TPRA's revolutionary online platform, RADIUS365™, is able to track and manage every response, referral and retention activity securely and in real-time, from the very first call attempt to the last clinic visit. TPRA's extensive experience demonstrates its ability to design and implement successful campaigns; producing and placing advertising campaigns for a wide variety of study indications. These campaigns reach men and women of all ages and races, including small demographic groups such as infants and children, older adults and non-English speakers.

Tracking, Management and Reporting System

RADIUS365™ is a comprehensive set of centralized communication, support and management tools gathered into one technological platform, encompassing all of the tools needed to maximize patient recruiting and retention throughout a study. With RADIUS365™, all call and web responses are tracked and reported in real-time by market, by medium, by site, by date and by time of day. Investigator activities are recorded as they use RADIUS365™ to access and manage all response and referrals electronically.

The benefits that flow from this convergence are tremendous and include supportive and more productive Investigators, greater accountability of everyone involved in the study (including TPRA), more effective advertising outreach, less waste and a higher rate of timely study completions.

Patient Call Pre-screening

Q-center™ is TPRA's pre-screening and scheduling service for Sponsors, CROs, SMOs and Investigators. These dynamic services offer a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative by eliminating the burden of answering calls, pre-screening, scheduling and making appointment reminders. This will help maximize your ROI from all recruiting efforts.

Mobile Response and Text Messaging

TPRA's Communication Platform features three communication tools, and each tool is available with an imbedded response filtering system so that you will be able to expand your patient recruiting beyond the traditional means of marketing and response handling. We also provide an administrative access point to each of these features in one online location. You'll be able to stay on top of recruitment initiatives by viewing all data in real-time.

Tools include Text Messaging, QR Code™ Marketing and Pre-screening Facebook pages. When you use these tools with TPRA's new response filtering system, you will worry less about finding qualified participants and focus more time on those responders who are likely to qualify for your studies.
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Document Exchange System

TPRA's easy-to-use portal allows you to share documents with the entire study team. You and your team can upload and download study-related documents to be accessed in one secure location.
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Patient Registry Database™ is TPRA's online patient registration website portal. A patient can register with over 40 different indications. Therapeutic categories include; Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Oncology, Pain Management, Respiratory, Urology and Women's Health.
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